Still jumping through interview hoops?

Most UX, UI, and product designers have to prove their hard skills over and over for every interview, no matter how much experience they have. Creative Review lets you upload portfolio work and reusable design challenges* to a directory with no likes and followers. Companies reach out only once they are satisfied you can do the job.

Let your work speak for itself.

* For companies who insist on design challenges as an evaluation method, which they should stop doing.

Hiring managers are trying (mostly)

Most companies trying to hire a designer have good intentions. The problem is, they often come up with irrelevant or borderline insulting methods to assess your talent. They might be recruiters with no design skills, busy designers who don't have the time to come up with a stellar interview process, or are simply doing it “how it's always been done.”

They often use unhelpful evaluation signals like:

Your willingness to do irrelevant, soul-crushing, and time-consuming assignments for free
The number of followers, likes, and posts on social media sites like Behance and Dribbble
The “prettiness” of your portfolio, even if you’re not a visual designer or work under NDA
How closely the visual style your past project work matches their future vision

Portfolio and case study reviews are a little better.

But let’s be honest, your portfolio site isn’t up to date, is it?


Creative Review is a directory where hiring managers find creatives like you by searching through projects, not profiles. There's no popularity context, likes or followers. Profiles are anonymous by default to reduce unconsious bias. If you're a new designer or want to branch out, you can complete optional design challenges to show off your skills.

Companies reach out to you because they like the work they see, period.

If a company really needs to see more, Creative Review makes it easy for them to pay you a fair rate for a trial contract, which is the most ethical way for them to assess your skills and clears up any legal issues if they choose to use the work you produce.

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Reusable Challenges

Record and upload reusable challenges proving you can do the work.


Level Playing Field

No likes, no followers, no popularity context. The work comes first.


Easy Contracting

Simplifies paying you for companies who want to pay you for your time.


All Specialties Welcome

Show off more than just visuals. Templates are suited to the work.


Actionable Insights

See what companies are looking at, and how long they look at it.


STAR Format

Start fresh, or use the STAR format to make case studies easy(ish).

Creative Review is in Private Beta

You’ll be notified as soon as it’s ready!

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